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Running the application

Either build from source or download a binary from the vfg-control sourceforge site. Just run the exe file by double clicking on it. The software will listen on port 1080 for incoming network connections on any network interface of the host computer and print debug messages in the console window. When not connecting from the same computer vfg-control is running on, you may want to open port 1080 in your firewall.

Connecting to the application

You can use any telnet program to connect to vfg-control. On linux/*nix, just do a

telnet <your host name> 1080

On windows, we suggest you get PuTTY. Launch PuTTY, enter the hostname, enter 1080 for the port and use telnet for protocol. Once you connect, the debug window should print a message, and you can enter commands to control the VFG. For now, stick with Manuel's diploma thesis as a documentation of the available commands.

Once you have tested your manual connection, you may want to set up a National Instruments VISA link between your experiment control software and the host running vfg-control.exe. Configure the link to be a raw TCP link in the Measurement and Instrumentation panel on the computer from which you are connecting to vfg-control using the correct IP address and port settings. Now you are ready to control the device using e. g. National Instruments Labview. Enjoy!

If you have questions or comments or improvements on this software, do not hesitate to contact the mailing list found on the vfg-control sourceforge site.

Contact and support: ospelkau at users.sourceforge.net